Help I lost items after transferring them on the app

Please refer to this article by Bungie in regards as to what you can do when this happens.

How do I request for new features?

Please use this reddit sub forum to create more feature requests:

Help my app stopped working and it won’t load anymore

If it’s stuck in the orange loading bar it sometimes takes a while, if it’s stuck there for too long try clicking on the Xbox Live or Playstation Network Links. If that doesn’t work then try a full uninstall and reinstall of the app to attempt to fix the issue. If it still doesn’t work you may report the issue on Github.

Do you plan to support Safari?

I current do not have any plans to support Safari in the short term or long term future.

How do I donate to the project?

If you would like to make a donation you may visit my Paypal link and your support is greatly appreciated thank you.

A certain weapon is missing or not available

Until you can access the gun via the Companion App, or the weapon won’t be available for use in Tower Ghost. Historically Bungie released the Touch of Malice in Destiny and then a few days later they updated their database to include it and their API to allow transfers. Similar event happened with the Black Spindle as well. The next item revealed was the Sleeper Simulant, this item was added to the database after it was found and then support for transfers was enabled after. The same thing is currently happening with the No Time to Explain, currently waiting for Bungie to add it to the database. Once added you’ll have to update to the latest version which will then display the gun properly and allow you to transfer it.

Thank you

My Tower Ghost is stuck on an older version on Firefox

There is a known issue with Firefox and the updating mechanism, for some unknown reason the updater’s cache gets corrupted and the only way to fix it is by resetting the entire Tower Ghost plugin. Instructions are found below:

1. Open the Firefox menu (should be on the very end of the location bar toolbar)
2. click the little icon with the ? on it.
3. click on Troubleshooting Information. The first box on this page contains a link that will automatically open your Profile Folder.
4. BEFORE clicking it, scroll down through the Extensions and find Tower Ghost. Write down the ID (or just leave this page open to come back to).
5. Now, click the button in that first box to open the Profile Folder.

Firefox example

8. Once in your folder, open storage, and then default.
9. Return to Firefox and uninstall the Addon by going into Addons and click Remove for the Tower Ghost entry
10. Close Firefox down
11. You are going to delete the folder that says resource+++(THE ID YOU WROTE DOWN).
12. Open Firefox after this is complete.
11. Go to and get the latest version there.
12. Make sure you have auto-updates enabled under Settings (the cog icon).

Help I can’t seem to login to TGD with Firefox

Logging into Firefox is a pretty straight forward process, once you see the “Welcome to Tower Ghost for Destiny” prompt simply click on the platform you use,
login with your private details (not saved or accessible by Tower Ghost), once you are logged in close the pop up and your inventory should load on the app.

Step By Step:

– sign in prompt (Welcome to Tower Ghost for Destiny)
– pop up window (Microsoft or Playstation login form)
– close window
– App will display “Firefox loading arsenal”
– App loads items

There is a problem with the security configuration in your browser sometimes that might prevent you from logging in to resolve this issue follow the next set of instructions:

– sign in prompt
– pop up window, when the new window opens to Bungie, right click and select ‘View Page Info’
– click on the Permissions tab
– Enable the ‘Install add-ons’ and ‘open popup windows’ options
– attempt to log in again from the begining of the process

Good luck! If you still have any issues please open a ticket at my Github or email me via the contact form.